Jennie Gomez - Founder & Facialist

When New York City air inflamed this California native’s skin, it inspired her enduring passion for skincare. 

Plagued with acne and Rosacea, Jennie sought a solution. She turned down the chemical-laden treatments her dermatologist prescribed. “My environment was toxic enough,” she said. “I wanted to clear up my skin without the pills, medicated creams, and harsh chemicals.” She learned everything she could about natural skincare solutions, improved her skin, and fell in love with the practice.

A former preschool teacher, Jennie loves helping clients and educating them about their skin. “A little careful, quiet attention—a word of advice, a light massage, a gentle touch—can have a huge impact on someone’s day,” Jennie said. “Feeling that appreciation from my clients reminds me why I do this.”

After working alongside her mentor, Elena Rubin, for two years she decided to open her own practice using a holistic approach to skin care. Jennie remains committed to healing skin with both her services and natural, certified organic products.